Darvan 7N – Glaze/Slip Deflocculant- Pint


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Darvan 7-N  

  • INDUSTRY STANDARD DEFLOCCULANT – Premium liquid dispersing agent/deflocculant for ceramic slips and glazes.
  • STABLE CASTING SLIPS & POTTERY GLAZES – Darvan 7 produces stable ceramic slurries and slips that have a tendency to stay deflocculated and gel less upon sitting.
  • LONGER LASTING MOLDS – Darvan 7 does not degrade plaster molds like sodium silicate, leading to longer mold life.
  • EASIER TO USE – Less sensitive to over-flocculation than sodium silicate.
  • GUARANTEED FRESH MATERIAL – Darvan 7 has a shelf life of 2 years. We rotate stock often and guarantee fresh material.

Darvan 7 is the industry standard dispersing agent for ceramic slip and glaze. 

Darvan 7 is a useful and powerful flocculant for thickening or “gelling” a ceramic glazes.  Charged ions in your water can cause the glaze particles to repel one another which causes the pottery glaze to appear thin and watery.  This leads to poor glaze application on your ware.  A few ml’s of Calcium Nitrate glaze flocculant can thicken your ceramic glaze just the right amount for proper application. For detailed instructions on how to use calcium nitrate to tune a glaze please visit our tutorials page.  (Calcium Nitrate is a flocculant and can reverse the dispersing action of Darvan)

If you’re a ceramicist you know that properly tuned liquid clay slips and glazes are critical to successful ceramic and pottery manufacturing. The typical method of using sodium silicate and soda ash to deflocculate porcelain or clay casting slips can be a finicky process. Using Darvan 7N yields more predictable results; Slips and glazes that stay dispersed longer upon sitting and are less sensitive to over-flocculation. Darvan 7 does not attack plaster molds leading to longer mold life than sodium silicate dispersed slips. Darvan 7 has a shelf life of 2 years, because of this we rotate inventory often and guarantee fresh product. Go ahead add to your cart today and get back to what you do best, making beautiful pottery!