Calcium Nitrate Liquid -Glaze/Slip Flocculant- Pint


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Glaze Flocculant Solution – Calcium Nitrate -Pint

Calcium Nitrate is useful and powerful flocculant for thickening or “gelling” a ceramic glazes.  Charged ions in your water can cause the glaze particles to repel one another which causes the pottery glaze to appear thin and watery.  This leads to poor glaze application on your ware.  A few ml’s of Calcium Nitrate glaze flocculant can thicken your ceramic glaze just the right amount for proper application. For detailed instructions on how to use calcium nitrate to tune a glaze please visit our tutorials page.  (Darvan 7 is a deflocculant and can reverse the gelling action of Calcium Nitrate).

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