Brushing Gum Additive – Pint


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  • Concentrated CMC Gum (Carboxymethyl Cellulose) Solution – 1 pint highly viscous concentrated gum solution.
  • Improves Brushability – Slows drying time and allows ceramic glazes to be brushed smoothly and evenly without drag or chattering.
  • Renews Old Dried out Glazes – Add brushing medium to dried out glazes to bring them back to a smooth brushing consistency.
  • Binds Glazes – Additive prevents glazes from cracking upon drying on bisque of greenware. Binds underglazes so won’t smear when applying clear overcoat.
  • Hold Enamels in Place – Use as an overspray to bind enamel powders

As a potter or ceramacists glazing (and then firing) is the make or break it step of the pottery process. Most ceramacists know the frustration of reaching for your favorite Amaco, Mayco or Duncan pottery glaze, cracking open the bottle only to find the glaze hard, dried out or settled. You also know the troubles that arise if you just add water and try to brush the glaze. The glaze dries almost instantly as it touches the pot, the brush drags and chatters. If you do get the pot covered the fragile dry glaze could crack, dust or flake of the pot before it even makes it to the kiln. If it does make it into the kiln, chances are the fired glazes will look thin, uneven or crawled. The solution to this problem is Ceramic Supply USA’s CONCENTRATED GUM SOLUTION. Simply add some water and a spoonful of the gelly like gum to a pint of glaze et voila! Now you can brush apply your glaze just like it is new. Gum solution also acts as a suspend aid and keeps hard settled glazes suspended. Go ahead add to your cart today! Bring those old troublesome brushable glazes and underglazes back to life! 30 Day Manufacturer money back guarantee. DO NOT TAKE GUM SOLUTION INTERNALLY

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