Viscosity Cup for Glazes & Slips


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When preparing a ceramic glaze, you need to measure two physical properties of the liquid glaze to obtain consistent results.  Specific Gravity and Viscosity.  This is our version of a “Ford” or “Zahn” cup used to measure the viscosity or thickness of the glaze.  Ford and Zahn cups are used mainly for liquid automotive paint and don’t work very well for ceramic glazes that can be thicker liquids.  That’s why we created this simple viscosity cup tailored specifically for ceramic glazes.  The drain hole and cup size are larger than other viscosity cups which gives more accurate results for ceramic glazes.  We have also added a small post on the interior of the cup to make it easy to see when the glaze has drained.  Simple fill the cup with glaze, start your stop watch and stop the time when the little post appears from the draining glaze.  Now you have a simple way to make viscosity measurements of your glaze.

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