Foam Trimming Bat 14″ with adhesive back


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  • 14″ Foam Trimming Bat – Replaces the old clay coil method for securing pots to the wheel head for trimming.
  • Adhesive Backed – Simply Peel the backing and stick to any 14″ plastic pottery bat.
  • Durable Grip Foam – Firm but grippy foam protects rim and holds large and small pots in place while trimming.
  • Removable Center – Ideal for trimming “chip and Dip” forms. No need to throw a custom clay trimming chuck.
  • Made in the USA – Made in the USA from durable top quality urethane foam!


Ceramic Supply USA’s 14″ Foam Trim Bats is the potters solution to quickly trimming large and small pots alike. No need for the time consuming method of securing leather hard ceramics to the pottery wheel head with coils of clay. The foam protects the rim while holding your form in place. The foam trimming method is especially useful for trimming bowls or pots with irregular or scalloped rims. Once you trim a large bowl or plate on the foam bat you will wonder how you ever did without it! The self adhering 14″ foam bat can be attached to any plastic bat you may already have. Because pots are held in place by the foam and not stuck down, you have the can lift the pot and inspect often during trimming. Our foam bat also features a unique removable center so you can easily trim “chip and dip forms”. Our Foam Trimming Bats are made using high quality foam selected for ideal density and grip. Made in the USA. Go ahead add to your cart today and start trimming pots with ease!

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