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BENTONITE, HPM-20  is a micro-fine ground bentonite for use in ceramic glazes and clays. It’s the premium bentonite for suspending and binding ceramic glazes.  Because it is extremely plastic very little is required in a glaze recipe.  Typically added to glazes in the amount of 1-1.5% by dry weight.  It is best to add the bentonite to the dry glaze mix and then dry blend before adding water.  If the bentonite is added to the liquid ceramic glaze it will clump and be very hard to disperse.  If used in combination with Vee- Gum T or Macaloid (.25-.5% by dry weight) it lends excellent suspension and binding properties to a glaze slurry.  Especially useful for all-fritted of glazes with low clay content.  All of our dry glaze bases already contain sufficient Bentonite and Vee- Gum T so no further suspending agents are required.