Premium Wax Resist


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  • SUPER REPELLANT Wax dries to a hard non-tacky surface that is excellent at repelling glaze. Similar to the popular (but no longer available) MOBILCER WAX, with improved brushing and repelling properties.
  • QUICK DRY TIME Fast drying wax formula allows for maximum pottery glazing efficiency. No more long wait time to glaze waxed ceramics, and less wax drips and runs.
  • TINTED BLUE COLOR Tinted colors allows you to see where wax resist has been applied to pottery. Color burns out upon ceramic firing.
  • SMOOTH BRUSHING CONSISTENCY Brushes on pottery smoothly and evenly. Not too thin or thick like some waxes that don’t apply evenly. Excellent for brushing intricate designs and fine detail.
  • NON TOXIC Non toxic water based liquid wax. No strong odors or hazards of hot wax. Easy cleanup with soap and warm water.

Wax That Works! It seems like every potter or ceramicist has struggled at some point with troublesome wax resist. One that doesn’t resist glaze well, stays sticky, dries slowly, peels…etc. Well you get the picture, finding a wax that does it all is elusive. Making pottery and ceramics is challenging enough, you shouldn’t have to deal with the frustration of poor quality wax resist. That’s why we created our premium wax resist by Ceramic Supply USA. A trouble-free wax that just works like it’s supposed to, so you can spend your time doing what you do best… making ceramics. This wax brushes on smooth and dries quickly to a hard, non-tacky gloss surface that cleanly repels glaze and doesn’t smudge or smear when touched. The added blue tint allows you to clearly see where you’ve applied the wax and burns out completely upon firing. Apply the wax with a brush or sponge on greenware, bisque or on top of an already glazed un-fired surface. This wax won’t peel or bubble when applied over a glazed surface. Our water-based resist is non-toxic and cleans up with soap and warm water. This wax is similar to the popular, but now discontinued MOBILCER A WAX but with improved performance properties. Go ahead add to your cart today and get back to what you do best, making beautiful pottery!