Gold Overglaze Lustre- 2 Gram

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  • 10 % Real Gold Lustre – Made from 22 k precious gold metal. Add a touch of luxury to your ceramics.
  • Lowfire to cone 019-018 – Firing fuses brilliant gold onto the glazed surface of clay & porcelain.
  • Metallic Gold Leaf – Apply on gloss glazes for a shiny sheen or matte glazes for a satin luster.
  • Oil Based Medium – Brushes on Smoothly. 1 Coat yields opaque coverage. Use with good ventilation.
  • Made in Europe – We source our gold onglaze lustre from the finest European manufacturers.
  • Duncan Premium Bright Gold Overglaze Equivalent


Add brilliance and a touch of luxury to your ceramics with actual gold accents. Simply brush our 10% real gold overglaze liquid onto the fired glazed surface of pottery or porcelain. Stilt (if necessary) and lowfire to Cone 019-018 . One Coat on a fired gloss glazed surface provides an opaque mirror like shiny gold finish. Applying on a fired matte glaze yields a soft satin matte lustre. Our premium liquid gold overglaze is made of real 22 karat gold incorporated into a metallic onglaze formula. Don’t be deceived by the small bottle, a little bit goes a long way!

Directions for Use:

1. Make sure the fired glazed surface of your piece is clean, dust and oil free. (Clean surfaces with rubbing alcohol if needed)

2. Brush apply with a clean brush to avoid contamination.

3. No need to stir or shake the overglaze.

4. Brush one even coat. Avoid letting the Gold pool, brush it out smoothly and evenly.

5. Let the glaze dry and fire in a well ventilated kiln. Avoid touching the glazed ware until fired to avoid smudging and smearing.

6. Fire the luster to cone 019 to 018.

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