100 ML Syringe


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No ceramic or pottery studio should be without a 100 ML syringe.  A 100 ML syringe makes measuring the specific gravity (water content) of your glaze simple.  Simply place the empty syringe on a digital scale that reads in a  minimum of 1 gram increments (.1 grams is even better) and press zero or tare on the scale.  Fill the syringe with glaze up to the 100 ml mark then place back on the scale.  The reading on the scale is the weight of your glaze and should be between 150-155 grams.  Now divide by the weight of water which is 100 grams. Your value of 1.5-1.55 is your specific gravity of your ceramic glaze.  It’s that simple!  A 100 ml syringe is also great for adding liquid additives such as darvan or calcium nitrate to your pottery glazes.

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